Why the South Coast is perfect for a second home

In just short of 2 hours from Sydney you’re on the South Coast, with crystal clear beaches, relaxed surf breaks and laid-back coastal towns.
Not only is the South Coast one the best places in NSW to holiday but it’s also becoming one of the best locations to buy a second home.

Here’s 2 reasons why the South Coast might be the perfect choice for you:

The laidback lifestyle of the South Coast is perfect for WFH Sydneysiders.

Since the start of the pandemic, the flexibility to work from home has increased, giving families the ability to live wherever they’d like (as long as there’s a good internet connection of course!)

Because of this, we’ve seen a shift in people moving from the major cities to rural or coastal areas, with these locations offering a slower day to day lifestyle. And not only is living away from the bustle of Sydney more peaceful, but it can also have a positive impact on your family’s health.

If this is you and you’re considering moving away from Sydney, the South Coast may be a perfect option for your family! 
Buying a second home near the water at Currarong and renting out your current Manly apartment can be one of the best ways to not only build your investment portfolio but also give your family a more relaxed way of life.

The South Coast offers some perfect holiday homes with high rental returns.

If you love the South Coast and can see you and your family holidaying by the water one to multiple times a year (or maybe you already do), investing in a holiday home is a great option. Not only will you be receiving a second income from the rental market, but you’ll also save on future accommodation expenses!

Short-stay Rentals

One of the best options for holiday homes is the short-stay rental market. Although coastal areas are seasonal destinations, there are always people looking for weekend getaways year round. And it’s not just Sydneysiders who spend their holidays on the South Coast, there are also a large number of Canberrans wanting to escape the inland life. So the demand is there.

Here are some current listings for you to get a feel for the possible returns:

Long Term Rentals

The other option is long term rentals. This demand has increased over the last few years as more Aussies make the move away from the major cities. As we mentioned above, working remotely is now an option for a lot of professionals and are looking for a more laid back lifestyle for their family – meaning permanent tenants.

Look for properties close to the water

When looking at options on the market you want to look out for a property’s location – does it have ocean views? How long does it take to walk to the beach?

While still taking your budget into consideration, the best returns for coastal holiday homes come from how accessible the beachfront is.

Here’s a few South Coast areas to consider buying in if;

You’re wanting to move your family: 

(towns with more accessible services and nearby shops)

  • Berry
  • Nowra
  • Culburra
  • Callala
  • Vincentia
  • Huskisson

You’re looking for a holiday home:

(Those places which are just ‘wow’ for holiday goers’)

  • Jervis Bay
  • Currarong
  • Culburra
  • Callala

If you’re thinking of buying an older home on the South Coast, remember the name ‘Sanders Construction Projects.’ 

Whether you’re wanting to refresh the space before moving in or are wanting to increase your rental return, we can help transform your property with a beautiful extension or renovation.

We have a passionate team who love living and working on the South Coast – because, well, the lifestyle is incredible!

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