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When it comes to renovating your home, everyone has different desires. Over the years, Sanders Construction Projects have worked on loads of interesting projects here on the South Coast of NSW. It really comes down to what your goals are and what your imagination can think up.

Typically, renovations fall into either one, or a number of the following categories:

Bathroom    |    Kitchen    |    Extensions    |    Additions


Obviously as builders, Sanders Construction Projects pride ourselves on being expert craftsmen, however from years of running a building business and dealing with client’s along their journey, we now also take a keen interest in the design and management process of the project. We enjoy working alongside architects during the design stage to provide valuable input into your designs.

Architects at your disposal

We have developed strong relationships with architects and engineers to ensure that your project is first of all, not held up in any way, but secondly, to ensure that your all of the work that is carried out is compliant and certified from the beginning through to the end.

Renovations can uncover a lot of scenarios that require intervention and collaboration. With that in mind, we bring to the table not only the experience of a Master Builder, but also the experience of a team that includes architects and engineers if and when required.

Projects need to be managed

A Sanders Construction Projects, we deal with a lot of jobs that involve a lot of moving parts with a lot of different parties. The ONLY way this successfully plays out is through detailed project management and refined processes.

Nothing can jeopardise the smooth running of a project more than poor communication. Conversations between clients, contractors and suppliers are paramount when it comes to delivering on time and on budget. We love project management.

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