Why is it best to pay for a builders cost analysis?

Caitlin on May 10, 2021

What’s included in a cost analysis?

A detailed and accurate cost analysis (quote) requires time, effort and resources. For a builder to be able to provide you with an accurate proposal, they must undertake a preliminary analysis. During the preliminary stage, builders assess the work required to formulate a scope and/or a cost analysis. Some of the preliminary work required and undertaken by Sanders Construction Projects, depending on the stage a client is at, can include:

  • Identification survey
  • Engaging of designer / architect to draw up a concept and subsequently detailed design
  • Engineering design
  • Town planning advice
  • Other specialist consultant report
  • Locating existing infrastructure within the site
  • Several site visits
  • Consultation with various trades
  • Cost analysis

If a client is in a very early stage of land purchasing, or has yet to engage a designer/architect, Sanders Construction Projects may be required to perform all of the above tasks. A client further along the process may only require us to review the documents and produce a proposal.

Other builders provide a free proposal, why don’t we?

Without a clear understanding of the scope of a project, it is impossible for a builder to provide an accurate quote as aspects of the project can be easily missed. As a detailed quote can take up to four weeks, sometimes more, this type of quality won’t come free. When builders provide quotes for free, they often will not put in the desired time or allocate the required resources to enable an accurate proposal. This can then result in extra costs, and can be the cause of disputes between the builder and client. An accurate proposal is crucial for a trusted builder / client relationship, and that is why, at Sanders Construction Projects South Coast, we only provide detailed and billed cost analysis. With a detailed cost analysis, you will have an accurate understanding of the cost of your project. And in the end, will save you money.

What about square metre rate?

One question that clients ask builders a lot is “how much per square metre?”. The reality to this is that every small incremental adjustment or change, such as additional drainage or extra foundation work for sloping homes, can add to the cost of building your home. For custom builds especially, this means a ‘cost per square metre’ estimate needs to be a number that has factored in every faucet of the building process.

An accurate proposal requires the builder to fully understand the plan, the scope of work, site condition, and time constraint. Each component is priced accordingly before assembled to produce the final figure.

It is important that your builder is giving each proposal the level of detail that it deserves, and you do not want him to miss anything. When paying for a builders cost analysis, you are allowing the builder to carve out the time to go through this process one hundred percent, and give your proposal the attention that it deserves.

Contact a trusted builder for an accurate quote

We know when building, you don’t want the added stress of additional costs throughout your building process. That’s why here at Sanders Construction Projects South Coast, we only provide proposals which are detailed and accurate, to ensure your building process is as smooth and hassle free as possible. Contact us today to enquire about a proposal for your project.