The Dawn Home Project Brief

Our clients were looking to renovate their existing 2-storey property to maximise its holiday rental earning capacity. Positioned just 50m from the famous Callala Beach, coupled with surrounding luxury holiday homes (that fetch significant income), made this the ideal opportunity. 

The aim was to turn a cold, drab house into a luxury spec’d home that could accommodate up to 14 guests.

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Our clients had a specific design outcome intended and were really looking to target the luxury end of the holiday rental market. By understanding this intent, we were able to keep this at the forefront of our minds for the duration of the build to ensure all details were carefully considered for aesthetics, functionality as well as safety. The result; nothing short of spectacular. 

Our Approach

The demolition and general construction stages moved through the usual steps, but it was the finishing stages where things really started to shine. Some of the homes outstanding features include 6 bathrooms with floor to ceiling mosaic tiles, mitred niches and detailed setouts, simple but effective joinery, two way tiled fireplace, Victorian Ash timber stairs with vertical timber balustrade and copper bracing rail, oak veneered flooring to the first floor living areas and a copper front door.  It was a true transformation from what the home once was.

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We were able to navigate Council regulations to bring the front balcony into the scope to really complete the transformation into a truly unique home.

The project evolved along the way and the scope grew and changed as things started to unfold. In the end, what we are left with is a complete new home to accommodate multiple families or groups of friends to enjoy the beautiful south coast.

Obstacles that we overcame

Once we started to open up the home and strip all the wall linings, the true extent of the task ahead was revealed. We found extensive termite damage, wall frames that were jammed in place with no fixings, two bee hives, a leaking non-compliant roof and generally, a poorly built house.

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Between the extensive layout changes, the termite damage and the poor building standards we found, we had to rebuild 90% of this house. All timber structural members were carefully inspected and replaced as needed. Ceilings and walls were battened out to ensure a straight surface and roofing was replaced. All care was taken to ensure the building is now safe as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What we would do differently

With the clarity of hindsight and now knowing what we would find as we started to strip back the layers, some difficult decisions could have been made at the outset about whether to start fresh or to proceed with the renovations as we did. But such are the hazards of renovating old homes.

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However,  there is something to be said for making good with what we have. Environmental considerations alone makes it a worthwhile endeavour. But also the home has a story and we are confident that story will now live on for many more years to come.

Three things we’re most proud of

I am proud of the finished product and the collaborative effort my team of employees, subcontractors and trades have pulled together to produce. Everyone was able to understand the intended outcome and ensure it was protected and achieved through detailing.

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I am also proud of the clients in staying steadfast in their vision and entrusting us to bring it to life. Constant and open communication was the key to ensuring the clients’ visions were realised and now, they have a property that they are proud of. 


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