This Cambewarra Building Project Brief

Sanders construction project’s team was lucky enough to complete an outstanding home addition to this jaw-dropping property at Cambewarra, NSW.

Our client, Stephen being an architect himself, decided to design this addition project for his home and trusted us with the opportunity of bringing it to life. During eight months, we worked closely with him on every step to deliver a fantastic outcome that not only added significant value to the property but also improved our clients’ lifestyle and made this home even more unique to them.

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This addition project consisted of three different areas. Firstly, Stephen and his partner were looking to incorporate additional living space inside their lovely home with a living/ family room that featured a large fireplace to enjoy the indoors in those chilly winter nights. But also include sliding doors to let the outdoors merge seamlessly with the indoors on the warmer days.

Additionally, our clients were looking to potentialise their outdoors with a spacious entertaining and BBQ area that they could enjoy and share with family and friends while admiring their impressive gardens.

And lastly, the brief included creating a separate bathroom that took advantage of the garden views and could be used as a personal retreat space for relaxation.

Our Approach

Working with Stephen previously on a large carport project that we completed on the same property, made us familiar and very fond of his talent and attention to detail as an architect. This made working with him in this addition project an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We communicated and collaborated with Stephen throughout the project to ensure the outcome represented his vision in full, and this approach was highly beneficial for the overall result of the project.

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To start, the existing deck and pergola were demolished, keeping the materials for future use. Then we poured the concrete and installed the steel portal frames. The next step was building the large traditional brick fireplace to be the focal point of the room. The construction of this kind of structures is somewhat of dying art form, so we wanted to get it right, which is why we employed experienced bricklayers to construct the seven-meter tall megastructure in this living area. lastly, our team worked hard and came up with innovative ways to install the full height windows and doors that essentially functioned as the walls of the main addition.

For the outdoor area, were able to re use the demolished decking boards to give an instant weathered look, which was a detail continued throughout the project.

We were able to waterproof the bathroom in a way to give a seamless level finish and still meet Australian Standard Requirements. We used an innovative method to install the frameless showerscreen for a much sleeker look.

Automated blinds, integrated wood storage, custom made arched aluminium doors, hardwood louvre storage area doors and underfloor heating in the bathroom were just some of the finer details that completed this fabulous home addition and made it the perfect home for our happy clients.

Obstacles that we overcame

To start with, the bushfire ratings limited the selection of products we could use on this project, so we decided to take advantage of our client’s appreciation for timber and had custom milled Merbau hardwood fascia boards created to comply with these parameters.

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A lot of planning and forethought had to be put into the cavity sliding doors between the living room and the entertaining area as this is not an application that aluminium doors are usually designed for. The hard work and attention to detail of our team definitely paid off as these sliding doors were successfully installed to disappear into a large masonry feature structure, making a powerful statement in this stunning home.

Stephens gardens were especially important to him. We were able to carry out the construction work with minimal interruption to his beautiful gardens.

This Cambewarra building project’s outcome

We will be forever proud of the outcome of this project. The planning and building journey with our clients was such an incredible experience. We formed a strong relationship with our clients based on open communication and collaboration, which had a massive impact on how this home addition looks  today.

We love seeing how this project transformed our clients’ property and allowed them to maximise their spaces for entertaining and retreating, creating a positive impact on their lifestyle!

Over the past three years we have undertaken three projects with Warren Sanders totalling around $750K. The first, the rebuilding of a large carport/workshop/store after a fire, gave us the confidence to engage Warren to build the extension to the main house adding new living spaces (internal and external) and large bathroom.


The build involved co-ordinating many trades which went smoothly, on time and budget. The final project was the reasonably complex rebuilding of a chimney and new enclosed fireplace with a new 8m high masonry chimney. Each was carried out very professionally with care about the final product.  There was good communication and co-operation during the tender and building process and all came in close to the original budgeted price.


As an architect I have experienced many builds and worked with many builders and Warren is amongst the best I’ve worked with over those forty years.

Stephen Buzacott

Home Owner